We offer a variety of food including

  • Casserole with fresh chicken pet mince and vegetables

  • Fresh chicken petmince

  • Chicken necks/Wings

  • Canned food

  • Optimum Dry Food

  • Supercoat Dry Food

  • Billie’s Bowl Dry Food

  • Pedigree 

  • Natures Gift

  • Black Hawk

  • Ivory Coat

  • Advance


Each pet is catered for on an individual basis. 
Like us, not everyone likes the same thing.  
If your pet is eating a prescription diet or anything we do not stock you are welcome to bring that, we do not charge extra for this


We use Royal Canin Dry Food and have a variety of wet food.
If your pet is eating a prescription diet or is a little on the fussy side you are welcome to bring their favourites at no extra charge.



Doggy stays

Dogs are accommodated with a private indoor area with a hammock, bedding and blankets for the larger ones and cosy beds for the littlies.
We cannot accept any bedding at this time, we have an abundance of freshly laundered bedding, including fluffy’s, soft mattresses, blankets, and cosy beds.
Each dog has access to their own private outdoor area via a doggy door which remains open for them to access outside all day.  It is closed at night to keep them warm/cool. Our kennels are fully heated during the colder weather and fully air-conditioning for our warmer times.
These private areas have direct access to a large area for play, exercise and socialising. 
We are happy to administer medications at $5 per day including injectables. No Charge for eye or ear medication.



Furry felines

Our accommodation for our furry guests is in their own secure multi level private suite offering plenty of natural light.
All cat suites offer three levels and all have a window.
They have a pillow, blankets, toys or a hiding bed if they are scaredy cats
Toasty warm in the winter and ducted cooling for the summer.
We are happy to administer medications at $5.00 pd including injectables.